My photo blog is back! So after a promising start in February 2014, my 52 NEW as I dubbed it ground to a halt later that summer for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it's just tough to find the time and energy to shoot, edit, and post every week. Now I've decided to revive it as a "post whenever I'm motivated" format. :)

I'll start with this set, which I took a few weeks ago but finally processed. They're from a short excursion I took with my photo crew (Oliver, Erin, Tess, and Randy) , a group of friends and fellow photographers who meet up periodically to hang out, photograph things we've never shot before, learn from each other, and laugh.

On this day, the other members of the crew had gotten together earlier up in Encinitas and my brother Ryan and I (he's the silhouette in the beach pics) joined them just after sunset. It was a few weeks before Christmas and Encinitas was hosting their annual holiday parade, which was a total throwback to small-town America. It's one of a hundred reasons why Encinitas is my favorite San Diego beach town, as they're the one that's most retained the old beach-town spirit. So appropriately, there were Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops, school marching bands, and local businesses on the back of pickup trucks proudly parading down main street (or Highway 101 in this case). It was the perfect thing to put me in the Christmas spirit!