Welcome to Week 1 of my new 52 NEW photography and life project! Beginning in early February 2014 , each week for the next year, I'll be trying something new, taking at least a few photos, and writing about it here in this space. It could be something as simple as sampling a new food or restaurant in my home city of San Diego or it could be a crazy adventure that I'm pushing myself to experience for the first time. I hope you'll join me on this journey and check back every week for a new entry!

Week 1: I began this project, as I often do with new habits or endeavors, on February 5, my birthday. On this night, my wife Ellen and I were joined by my brother Ryan and our friend Ramin in an outing to a new restaurant for us, Puesto at the Headquarters. The original Puesto here in San Diego opened in La Jolla back in 2012 and gets rave reviews. So we decided to try their new location, housed at the site of former headquarters to the San Diego Police Department, which was recently transformed into an exciting new retail and food destination. It's a beautiful space that's already become hotspot for both locals and tourists.

Puesto serves their take on Mexican street food and so we had to try their famous street tacos. They were a home run all around, as well as their guacamole, chips, and the epic Buñelo Ice Cream Sandwich I received for my birthday dessert. Puesto uses all-natural meats, sustainable seafood, and local organic greens and the quality was evident. Oh, and the margarita might have been the best I've ever had in San Diego! We'll definitely be back!