Week 12 of my 52 NEW Things Project takes me north to the LA metro and Ontario, CA for a day at the Kraftwerks Invitational 2014 at Precious Metals West. Backstory: in addition to hosting my own online radio show, I also engineer and announce for another show (Metalsmith Benchtalk) for my friend Jay Whaley, a metalsmith, teacher, and owner of Whaley Studios here in San Diego.

Jay and I were invited to spend the day doing interviews with the participants of this annual free event that's hosted at PMWest's refinery/forging facility. So in between our sessions, I grabbed a bunch of photos of the various programs there. Those included platinum fabrication with the talented Jim Grahl of J. Grahl Designs, gold refining, and a demonstration of ultra-rare 19 karat purple gold casting by our host Daniel Ballard. They made for some interesting shots!