Week 16 of my 52 New Things Project takes me to Summers Past Farms Herbal Gardens & Nurseryin Flinn Springs, approximately 30 minutes east of San Diego. On this Sunday, I needed to get out for a bit and so Ellen and I drove east to check out this unique spot which I had found out about recently via the Hidden San Diego website (which has become a GREAT resource for discovering things I didn't know about in the area). Summers Past is a tranquil and lovely designation which makes you feel like you're far outside the city. There's a nursery, gardens, home decor store in an old barn, and grounds filled with interesting finds that made for great photos. And while there, we tried some of their mango tea from the onsite coffee/tea bar (quite refreshing on a warm afternoon), plus I bought a bar of their homemade herbal soap, which they sell in their store (it smells amazing). Here's a bit about the gardens from their website: 

Summers Past Farms began in 1987 when Marshall and Sheryl Lozier recognized the potential in the place where Marshall's family had lived for more than a half century. Marshall's mother Pat Lozier still lives on the property in her own home and tended the green houses and the growing of the seeds, seedlings and plants. She has always had the best eye for planting of a new garden each season and arranging many colorful planters to sell in the nursery. Sheryl, whose love of cooking began in childhood, wanted to plant an herb garden out the back door of her cottage. Marshall, a builder and contractor, wanted to build a barn. The garden blossomed, the post-and-timber barn grew into a showplace, and in 1992 the couple opened the gate to their five acre dream: Summers Past Farms. Now, the Loziers work in the gardens and in their herbal soap shoppewhere Marshall makes the many varieties of soapsand Sheryl fills the shoppe with a line of bath and skin care products. Sheryl makes a line of herbal lavender hand salve and lavender spray for bed and body. Classes are offered in the loft of the barn on most weekends. Events are held throughout the year such as Sweet Pea Day, Geranium Day and a Fairy Festival in June each year. "Our lifestyle is our inspration to keep this small family business growing." Sheryl says.