Week 5 of my 52 NEW Things Project is a quickie! I had a super crazy week, work-wise, so I had to keep this one simple! And I promise that this won't become my "52 NEW Taco Shops" blog, though that's tempting.

San Diego is known for our Baja-style fish tacos (our local food icon popularized by Rubio's) and we're incredibly fortunate to have a TON of amazing mom and pop taco shops and food trucks around the city offering various takes on this specialty. One of the highest rated food trucks in SD (according to Yelp) resides regularly right here in our neighborhood of University Heights: Kiko's Place Seafood, which is parked in the lot of a liquor store at Texas Street and Meade.

After driving by one too many times, I finally made a stop to sample Kiko's! I was intrigued by the mention on the truck (no menu, at least that I could find) of spicy fish tacos and spicy shimp tacos. Since everything is made fresh-to-order and there's usually always a line/crowd at lunch, they give you a free cup of some sort of spicy seafood soup, which was AMAZING. I'd go just for that! Strangely, then my tacos arrives, they were covered in cheese (which is NOT typical Baja style!). But there were quite tasty regardless; I'll have to come back to try the regular versions soon!